S'Àmfora Mudèfer

Wines from the upper Mediterranean

This project was born from the hand of the firm S’ÀMFORA, with the collaboration of two wineries; El Trosset de Porrera and the La Botera winery. We work for the autochthonous varieties (white Grenaches, black Grenaches, Carinthians…) of the two wine-growing areas; the Terra Alta and the Priorat. A project led by people passionate about the world of the sea and its history, wine, vineyards, oenology and the countryside, always with concerns and desire to experiment and do different things in this intense and particular world of wine.

We create wines to remember and relive our history

These wines have been obtained out of respect for the countryside, nature and its people. Packed in ceramic amphorae and aged for several months at sea. After performing, for more than two years several dives of amphorae with time trials under the sea, depths, types of wines (young, aged), to be able to say that the wines under the sea evolve satisfactorily and differently than on land , can acquire exceptional characteristics in different periods of time and in this type of container.

Pearls of the sea