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La Botera Winery is the project that, one day in 1986, brought five winemaking families of Batea to associate and work together to make their dream a reality: commercialize the fruit of their labour in the vineyards. The wines of La Botera are the result of the effort and dedication shown by all the members of what today feels like one big family.

Partners, friends and family

The founders of La Botera Winery bought a small establishment that had previously been an oil mill and transformed it into a winery where only bulk and jar wine was sold. They soon began responding to the needs of the market and quickly adapted, bottling their wines and creating a brand with multiple references.
Celler LaBotera

From tradition to innovation

Currently, La Botera rests in the hands of the second generation who, without leaving behind the great passion inherited from our parents and firmly believing in the superior quality of our raw material, have taken a step forward: in 2017, we decided to invest in the construction of the new winery, a four-storey building equipped with the latest technology.

The members