Celler La Botera’s vermouth is characterized by an herbal aroma that adds a particular elegance to cocktails and appetizers. It is not just a drink, but rather a way of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, a link between friendship, family and nature.
The 75 cl bottle is vintage-style, just like our traditional formula, a secret kept in time.

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  • Only orders are accepted in Spain, in the scope of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
  • The cost of the national shipment (Spain peninsula and Balearic Islands) is 7.50 in the shipments of 6 units, and of 10.50 € in the shipments of 12 units.
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Country: Spain
Manufacturing centre: Batea


White Grenache and Macabeu




This drink is a balance between sweet, bitter and sour flavours, giving the consumer a harmony of tastes on the palate and in the nose.